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Compliments from our patients

  • My wife had been admitted after a visit to the ER. The staff in the ER were amazing and fast. The staff in the inpatient care were also amazing. Extremely grateful to have this facility filled with great employees so close t home. A+ to the staff working at that time.
  • “Everyone has been so helpful, kind and supportive. They are very knowledgeable and patient. I’m so glad I found you! I received first rate five-star services!”
  • “The nurse was very warm and welcoming which helped to decrease our anxiety before the procedure.”
Hillsboro Hospital Testimonials


Frances Graduates Swing Bed at After Fall

“I want people to know about it,” exclaimed Frances while reflecting on her Swing Bed experience. It took Frances 45 minutes from where she fell to crawl to her phone and call for help. When she got to the hospital, it was confirmed that she had a broken hip that would need to be fixed surgically in Springfield. But instead of staying there for recovery, she was welcomed back to Hillsboro Health Swing Bed.

“It took a load off of my shoulders,” when Rhett Eskew, RN - who she had known since he was a kid - told Frances and her family about Hillsboro Health Swing Bed services. They were confident that she would be in caring and attentive hands and knew that since she would be in her hometown, her friends and church family could visit her since her immediate family lived many hours away. Frances appreciated having her own private room and doesn't think that she could've had better staff helping her get back on her feet. She even returned to undergo rehabilitation with Dawn and her team in a Transitional Care Bed. "I want people to know that we have this close to home," Fran said. We do too and are delighted to have served you, Frances!


Personalized, Compassionate Care Moves Jenny

When Jenny Lenczycki was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, she was nervous for the road ahead. Since the treatment was going to last for four months, she chose to do her therapy at a location conveniently located to home. When she began treatment at Therapy Services she was completely paralyzed and self-conscious, but Andy and the other team members comforted her and they saw noticeable improvements within just the first two weeks. Not having known anyone in the therapy department prior to her treatment, she quickly developed relationships with many of the therapists. The personalized experience made her feel comfortable enough to call them when she needed them.

Jenny believes, “where you start is where you should keep going.” After undergoing therapy for Bell’s Palsy, she decided to go to Hillsboro Health for her mammogram because of its competitive technology and friendly staff. Jenny never felt nervous because her Imaging Tech, Jane, spent the time to show and explain the images with her. When there were minor abnormalities “the techs ran down the hall to comfort me.” For Jenny, the people made all of the difference in her recovery. We are glad to have served you, Jenny.


Dale Returns to HAH for Treatment

When Dale Graham was told to walk down the hallway while beginning his treatment for pneumonia, he didn’t think he could do it. “If you didn’t make me walk, I probably wouldn’t be walking,” he said while reflecting back on his first few weeks undergoing pulmonary rehab.

Dale Graham was one of Hillsboro Health's first patients in pulmonary rehab and has continued to come back for treatment over the past four years because he feels welcome and enjoys when the staff waves to him in the hallway. His favorite part about going to Hillsboro Health for his pulmonary rehab therapy: He was able to be home with his wife instead of at a nursing home. The staff at Hillsboro Health is delighted to have served you, Dale.