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Medical Financial Assistance

We offer a special financial assistance program

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Hillsboro Health understands that not all people are able to pay their hospital bills due to a variety of financial reasons. As part of our mission statement and not-for-profit purpose, we offer a special financial assistance program to assist those who are unable to pay their hospital bill.

Uninsured Discount

Patients who do not have insurance and do not qualify for Medicaid may be eligible for an uninsured discount under specific terms and conditions. To inquire about these programs please contact us at 217-532-4204.

Download our financial assistance/uninsured application

Complete the Financial Assistance/Uninsured Application and return it along with:

Proof of family income for the last three (3) months.

  • Copies of pay stubs or a statement signed by your employer
  • Copy of social security, disability, pension income
  • Copy of unemployment or worker's compensation income
  • Copy of child support income
  • Copy of your most recent year's Federal income tax return or W-2

Proof of residency (for uninsured discount only)

  • Driver's license
  • State-issued identification card
  • Recent residential utility bill
  • Lease agreement
  • Voter registration card
  • Letter from a homeless shelter, transitional house or other similar facility verifying that the uninsured patient resides at the facility

As part of the written application process, a patient may be directed to complete a Medicaid application as part of the financial aid process. Refusal to complete a Medicaid application or to supply the hospital with the financial information requested, which is necessary to determine financial aid, will result in an automatic denial. The financial assistance application will be approved based on the income claimed and will require proof of income. Financial assistance is based on gross family income and family size.

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Download the Payment Guidelines and Financial Assistance Summary Brochure Download the Separate Billing Information Document Download the Charity Care Uninsured Financial Assistance Policy Download the 2024 Charity Guidelines